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Human Resources is the group of employees that provides the health and safety training.

Health & Safety Training

Safety and Health training as a mechanism for preventing accidents at work. It is necessary to implement this type of training for health and safety purposes in the company. Healthy management and safety management training are that required by law to perform certain activities. It is essential that employees are properly trained in accordance with their area and the work performed. A well-trained worker brings health, safety, motivation, commitment, and greater performance in his activities. Training also reduces accidents and illnesses at work. it is even more important to keep training up to date. It also helps to avoid accidents and occupational diseases, which prevents company loss by on time the execution of activities.

Health & Safety Training

Uvalueaccountants are here to train the employees. Our company is responsible for reconciling the hours of employees who will participate. We provide space,  teaching material,  hiring the responsible instructor, and anything else that required. We also provide theoretical content for distance education. By the end of the training, the candidates will have sufficient basic knowledge and understanding about health and safety. This healthy and safety management training enables them to understand both their employers and their own responsibilities in the business world. After training, they also can take part in their organization’s health and safety management system. We teach you during training, how to control the professional’s frequency, start-end date, duration, modality, program content, and simulated exercise performed in the company.

Through education and training, people can work more safely and be more productive in their business industry. The education and training also highlight basic actions to managers, leaders, supervisors, and workers or promoting and obtaining benefits from the training.


What are the benefits of health and safety training?

The workers having theoretical and practical knowledge can work safer and capable way. It also helps to reduce risk at work.

What is the module of training?

The Module of training includes Initial training- it takes place before the worker starts his duties Periodic training- takes place according to the periodicity established in the company. Eventual training- it takes place when there are changes in work procedures, conditions, or operations.

What is included in health and safety training?

The health and safety training to trained the peoples against hazards, risk, and emergency conditions. Emergency procedures are also given for fire evacuation and calling the emergency services.

What is safety management?

Safety management teaches you how to manage business activities and trained the employees against accidental conditions, injuries, and other risks, etc.

What are the 5 elements of safety?

Here are the 5 element for the safety and health training: Culture safety Hazards and accidental control system Emplyee training system Manager as a safety trainer role Focusing on Compilance

See Course Curriculum for details and to better understand the units covered in this course training.

The price Starts at £180.

If you are a client and need a health and safety management training solution. You can email us at [email protected]


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