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Born and raised in Seattle, United States, Emily Rice, the current proud owner of Emily Rice Accounting, is a passionate and progressive woman who took her degree from Lewis & Clark in Business management and passed with flying colors.

Emily Rice Accounting Profession:

However, she was very ambitious and wanted to work in Television but fate had other plans for her as she came to work in the film industry in 1986. The Ceo of Marc Fischer had an eye for talent and saw the extremely ambitious woman, Emily, and instantly hired her as an assistant where she worked her way to becoming an Accountant assistant of one of the most well-known industries in the United States which are now known as Cannon Films.

With the passage of time, she kept on polishing her skills under the mentorship of Marc Fischer and decided to leave the Corporate to become an independent freelancer where she can not only pursue her career freely but also guide public and private sectors under her consultancy.

Although her tenure in Television and film industry was flawless for a decade, paving her path towards freelancing made her independent, which brought plenty of fame all across the globe. Her experience of decades of working in multiple industries made her confident enough to start her own business,Emily Rice Accounting Company, Which was made possible due to the incredible support of her significant other, Jack Gorton in Los Angeles, California.

The moral support of her husband made her dreams come true. He worked in numerous Cinematography, Graphic designing, and direction of advertising companies in Hollywood in the ’80s. And is currently working in an image production company as a talent manager.

Emily Rice now works in Emily Rice Accounting Firm as the backbone of the independent company as the proud founder and owner of the company with plenty of full-scale projects regarding Post Production Accounting, Tax Credit processing, and rebates. Moreover, she talent hunts for fresh Accountants and other financial management staff that would work hard in synergy under the mentorship of Emily Rice to create a team of highly motivated professional accountants.

Emily Rice Accounting Firm has been the hub of plenty of opportunity for those that want to work in a reputable firm with wholesome salary packages in California, North America. The company is immensely diverse with equally talented staff working around the clock to keep the company projects running.


Who are Emily rice?

Emily Rice is a broadcast journalist. She has more than 20 years experience in journalism across Australia and internationally.


On what national program emily rice perform?

Some of the national program in which emily rice work as a presentor are as follows:

  • Today Show (Channel Nine)
  • The Project (Network Ten)
  •  Meet The Press (Network Ten)
  • Ten News (US Correspondent / Network Environment Reporter) etc.

What are the specialites of the emily rice?

The emily rice have following the specialities :

  • Post Production Accounting
  • Feature Production Accounting
  • TV Series Production Accounting
  • Tax Credit & Rebate processing

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